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Hot News : actively respond to the call of the government, Jintang County People's Procuratorate donated a batch of "war epidemic" materials to Jingtai technology to promote the resumption of production

TIME:2020/3/6 15:15:24

In order to actively respond to the call of the government and promote the resumption of production of the enterprise, Wan Tao, a member of the Party group of Jintang County People's Procuratorate, Wan Tao, a deputy attorney general of the Party group, Huang Tao, a member of the Party group, Zeng Rui, a police officer of the office and other leaders came to huaizhou new town, the production base of Chengdu Jingtai Technology Co., Ltd., with a batch of disinfectant, masks and other condolences on March 4, 2020. Tang Haochuan, chairman of Jingtai Technology Co., Ltd., accompanied the meeting.

Deputy Chief Procurator Wan Tao (middle), Deputy Chief Procurator Huang Tao (left), office police Zeng Rui (right)

At the meeting, the two deputy attorneys general were very concerned about the development of our enterprise, consulted in detail what problems and obstacles the enterprise had in the process of operation needed the coordination and assistance of the procuratorial organ in accordance with the law, so as to create a better and more relaxed judicial environment for the healthy development of the enterprise. Chairman Tang Haochuan reported the company's development process and outstanding achievements in recent years to the leaders at the meeting in detail. At the same time, he also truthfully reflected to the leaders at the meeting some serious problems such as malicious lawsuit, false lawsuit, duty crime, tort and so on, which seriously harmed the development of the enterprise in the process of development. At the same time, he asked the procuratorial organ to conduct fair and serious investigation according to law Do!

Tang Haochuan, chairman of Jingtai Technology Co., Ltd.

After the symposium, two deputy prosecutors visited our production workshop and production line, and under the explanation and demonstration of technical engineers, they deeply understood and experienced the functions and process flow of our series of products.

President explains products to two deputy prosecutors

Engineer Zhong Kun demonstrates the product to two attorneys general

At last, when they left, the two attorneys general specially told them that they hoped to help Jingtai conspire for development and make the government the most solid support for the enterprises. At the same time, chairman Tang Haochuan, on behalf of all the staff of our company, expressed once again thanks to the leaders for their deep sympathy and help.