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Good-luck of new work beginning! With the approval of local government, We Chengdu Jingtai Technology Co., Ltd. officially resumed work on February 10th. With customers together, all our employees overcome the difficulties in fighting the COVID-19.

TIME:2020/2/13 16:37:27

In order to actively cooperate with Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia prevention and control work, and implement the national epidemic prevention policy resolutely to protect the our customers business interests, we Chengdu Jingtai Technology Co., Ltd. has successively taken various prevention and control actions, to complete the enterprise resumption registration. Base on the approval of the local government, the company's office, factory, overseas logistics and transportation have been fully restored to normal operation in February 10th, 2020.


In order to promote communication and understanding, respond to customers' expectations for the company's effective under epidemic situation and sustainable development, the company's product quality and production is our guarantee for our customers! Base on the stock of raw material and goods we kept before Chinese New Year, the production and goods quality are strictly controlled, this can basically meet the production request in the near future. We firmly believe that we can guarantee our customer service.


Winter will pass and spring comes always. The COVID-19 has brought an uncertain environment, but it is determined by ourselves. Moreover, the future is not determined by the environment, but by ourselves. We are always committed to help our customers and to provide high-quality products and systematic services. Let's make concerted efforts to win the "epidemic prevention and control war" and "management protection war" together, and welcome a more brilliant spring after the epidemic.