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TIME:2018/12/19 15:01:24

On Dec.6th, After detailed negotiation of fog generator with Jingtai technology at the 2018 Beijing CPSE exhibition, Korea customers made a special visit to Jingtai technology and hope to reach cooperation with Jingtai as soon as possible.


Our technical director showed the actual application of the smart fog generator APP to Korea customers. When the fog generators detected someone breaking into, which was pushed to the user's mobile phone interface at the first time through the APP. At the same time, alarm call information was displayed. Click the trigger smoke button to remotely control the spray smoke to prevent crime.

 Korea customers visited the production workshop of jingtai, and we had full negotiation with them on the specific content, technical analysis and delivery time of bilateral friendly cooperation.

Korean customers fully recognized the demonstration effect of the fog generator, highly praised the militarization and modern management of our factory, and fully affirmed the strict quality control of fog generator, detailed process flow, advanced production equipment and good working environment of the workshop.


We sincerely welcome overseas customers to visit jingtai technology co., LTD.,to get to the win-win situation and share the new future of security industry!