TIME:2015/12/16 17:40:02

The BUG in current security solutions:

Burglars are always experienced. When they hear an activated burglar alarm, they know there’s an unavoidable time gap between the one they left with your valuables and which for the police or security guards to arrive on the scene.

More and more companies and private citizens are aware of conventional security systems are not effective enough. An alarm does not stop burglars, but only sends out a signal to someone afar. Surveillance cameras do not stop burglars, but only record them. Then, what should we do in next? What’s an effective solution?

We need a change from PASSIVE to ACTIVE! Undoubtedly, it’s the time to update our security systems to ensure an instant reaction to any emergency. 


1. Speed

◎   Jingtai is the fastest security fogging device on the market with 30 cubic meters of fog per second. No need hearting time. 

◎   1 second discharge dense fog

◎   3 seconds protect key area

◎    5 seconds completely filled with 50 m³.

2. Innovative patented Technology

Global-First,Jingtai security fog , owning Solid food grade security fog made formula, unique cold smoke technology, which stops burglars and robbers in seconds!  Burglars can't steal what they can't see. 

3. Harmless

Jingtai security fog leaves non - corrosive, non - residue, and biodegradable and is completely harmless to humans and animals; it will not affect clothing, furnishings and electrical equipment. 

4. Good investment

Jingtai security fog system is your best investment with low operating costs, it gives a rapid return on your investment, and comes complete with up to3 year warranty.

5 Market leader

With more than 5000 units installed since 2017, Jingtai security fog systems are installed for customers as Network alarm operation business: such as:  jewelry store, luxury stores, middle-sized supermarket, bank etc.