TIME:2015/10/12 17:10:47

Workflow of banking security system with the fog machine

When the vibration sensor detects a violence behavior against ATM machine, such as tapping, smashing, pry and other acts, voice prompt will issues a stern warning. If the violence continues, the system will immediately active the fog generator. Huge numbers of dense fog will be produced in seconds to fill the room, and the visibility drops to zero. Meanwhile the alarm system actives to drive away the robbers and sends an emergency signal to the bank's security center. Then the safeguards will arrive at the scene.


Sketch of a banking security system connection

Bank is a high risk financial place. Compared to the financial and personal losses that result from a violence against ATM machine and other crucial equipment, series of Jingtai Anti-burglar (vandalism and robbery) Fog Generators are your best investment with surprisingly low operating costs. According to the room size and layout assess whether there should be one or more fog generator units for optimal protection of your valuables are decided by you. Besides, Jingtai fog generator can be customized by adding particular component like scent, fluorescent light, etc. to help the police to track down criminals.